Generate leads
With Intelligence.

Make better connections. Raise your profile. Broaden your understanding. Develop your relationships.

Uncover your next opportunity.

Target prospects more precisely. Prepare yourself with the intelligence you need and get their attention. Use intelligence at every stage of the customer journey and uncover your next opportunity. With warmer prospects, more valuable data and more relevant connections.

Make better connections.

Target prospects who are looking for you. Save time and energy by concentrating on the right manager profiles. See more of the asset management industry, fund launches and closures, key people moves, and access events where you can build new relationships. Make better connections, With Intelligence.

Raise your profile.

We’re a people and relationships industry. Nothing beats a proper conversation. Seeing is believing. And with events and awards we have been running for over 20 years, we provide the perfect platform to connect. So get seen at our global events. Raise your profile, With Intelligence.

Broaden your understanding.

The best positions are based on the best research, you can never know too much. Our team of data scientists, analysts and journalists ask all the right questions. To arm you with the information you need when talking to potential clients. We compare and contrast performance, create reports and provide detailed analysis. Broaden your understanding, With Intelligence.

Develop your relationships.

Use data to get better at managing clients. Track their activity. See how they are performing. Spot when something changes, so you can respond in the most productive way. Develop your relationships, With Intelligence.

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