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To stand out from the crowd, you’ve first got to
be part of the crowd.


Be seen by the in-crowd


Give yourself the very best chance at success. Get in front of our community of highly informed and deeply engaged investors, who rely on our unique blend of industry events and reports to keep them in the know (and keeping you firmly in their sights).

Take charge of your narrative


With third-party data providers already supplying the industry with your fund performance data, you need to tell your own story and prevent your competitors from setting the narrative. Take control and make sure investors see your true position in the market.

Let the proof be in the pudding


Investors are looking for managers they can trust. Managers that their peers have endorsed, that they can vouch for. And we’ve been doing exactly that, for over 20 years. With in-depth reports, and with some of the industry’s most recognized — and 100% quantitatively judged — awards. Be judged on your results and get the With Intelligence seal of approval.

Don’t miss out

List your performance with us today and get ahead of the game. With our dedicated team to guide you, the process couldn’t be simpler.

When we say engaged community, we mean engaged community

Investors of all shapes and sizes — from pensions through to foundations, endowments as well as consultants — make up our investment community. Attending events, consuming content, logging into our products, our access to investors is unique.

subscribed investors
NOTE: Figures correct, as of December 2021

Let (y)our data do the talking

Producing over 20 reports a month, highlighting flows and top performers, we keep our investor community informed of the latest movers and shakers. We have over 300 indices spanning size, sector, strategy and region keeping the industry informed; referenced by the press and delivered straight to the Bloomberg Terminal. List your fund performance With Intelligence, and let our data — highlighting your data — do the talking.

No “favorites”.

Only performers

There are awards. And then there are Awards. And ours are the latter. With 24 years’ experience, 17 annual awards, and entry reserved exclusively for funds that report their data, With Intelligence’s awards will help you prove beyond all doubt that you’re a leading fund manager.

Positively habit forming…

Nine out of ten fund managers can’t be wrong. Globally, 93.1% of managers reporting their funds with us re-report their data. So once you start doing it, you’ll keep doing it.