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Human intelligence

Investing is all about numbers. Except it isn’t. What really matters is people and relationships you can trust. But you’ve always known that. We give you something much more important than data: human intelligence. We give you greater perspective by going beyond the raw information and revealing the true picture.

Be part of our community

Our events have given global investors a sense of community for over 15 years. They come to get the tips, the steers, chew the fat and put the investing world to rights. When you can connect with fellow investors who have been there, done that, you become part of something bigger, and being part of something bigger makes you stronger. 

Get the scoop every week

The Allocator is unlike any other publication in the industry. You get hot takes from insiders, the rumours, the gossip, savvy information and smart opinions you won’t find anywhere else. Be informed, entertained and inspired twice a week, and remind yourself why you got into this business in the first place.

Benefit from smarter intel

Be the first to know about fund launches, fund closures and new funds coming to market. Get exclusive articles on fund managers – who’s making a mark, who’s going up, who has proved they have a winning strategy. Nobody can give you better perspective, or a truer picture of what’s really going on.

Hear the next big thing

We’ve been publishing original financial research since 1974. The Sharpe ratio. The Black-Scholes model. We first published the research, defined them, and made them everyday terms. The next idea, the next theory, the next principle, the next paradigm – we make sure you hear about it first.

Four annual retreats, one purpose.

To keep you connected.

Find out about our exclusive retreats

A unique, multi-faceted opportunity to engage and learn with a group of your peers in an intimate environment. We believe that exclusivity is the key to developing your knowledge – and through a thoughtfully curated audience, drawn together by our expert IR team, the Retreats provide exactly that.

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