Actions lead louder
than words.

With Intelligence was founded by industry people, for industry people. The leaders of With are quite literally invested in its success. We are our own biggest and most demanding customers, and our own toughest critics.

Everything we do is informed by our own experience in sales, investing and investor relations and driven by our personal commitment and determination to be successful. The desire to keep evolving our products and services and keep getting better at everything we do comes from the top.

Our mission is to connect investors and managers to the people and data they need. We want to do it better than anyone else. No ifs, no buts. This spirit inspires every decision, every day.

Leadership team.

Charlie Kerr

Founder & CEO

Phil O’Toole

Chief Financial Officer

Alex Broughton

Sales Director

Arpna Shah

Finance Director

Ben Allen

Head of Growth Operations

Beth Falk

Development Director

Carolyn Leven

Global Head of IR

Cathy Scott

Managing Director, PMR

Cecilia Mutuma-Nwaigbo

HR Director

Claudia Honerjager

Head of ESG

Eduardo Llull

Chief Content Officer

Elias Latsis

Chief Data Officer

Fay Oborne

Global Office Manager

Georgio Anastasi

Head of Business Operations

Jemma James

Events Director

Kip McDaniel

President, The Americas

Leanna Orr

Director, The Allocator

Mary Chaney

Head of Demand Generation

Paul Currie

Chief Technology Officer

Ross Noach

Head of Customer Experience

Simon Middelboe

Chief Strategy Officer

Simon Thompson

Chief Information Officer

Stephanie Schwartz

COO, Allocator Events

Stephen Lovell

Chief Product Officer

Steve Brindley

Chief Revenue Officer

Steve Shorthouse

Head of Sales

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