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Case study

With Intelligence, KPTL Asset Management won two mandates in just 4 months.

We found relevant funds of funds, and received two allocations from these investors.

KPTL Arbitrage Management

One of the largest investment firms focused on technology and innovation in Latin America, KPTL manages just over $50m, launching the Bohr Arbitrage Crypto Fund on 1 June 2020.

Mandates won

increase in AuM

higher monthly growth

KPTL is an emerging manager growing With Intelligence.


In any industry, startups fight an uphill struggle.

In investment management, it’s an even steeper climb. New firms enter a busy marketplace where incumbents have all the advantages. This means they need to both work hard and work smart as they build connections with potential investors.

This is hard for two reasons:

  • Every investor is different. They want to know different things, at different times, for different reasons

  • Young firms are under the microscope. This level of scrutiny is justified, but it puts the pressure on due diligence processes right from day one.

How we helped.


KPTL used the With Intelligence platform to find the right prospects, cut down on time wasted chasing dead ends, and both streamline and level up their due diligence.

They used our platform to find two key kinds of candidate:

  • Funds of hedge funds, whose hearty risk appetites they could see in our investor data

  • Outfits with a taste for cryptocurrencies – an indicator they could sift our data for and use as evidence for an openness to new managers.

How KPTL benefited.


KPTL only subscribed in June 2021, and in just a few short months their business has been transformed.

They rapidly won two new mandates within five months, taking their AUM from $7.6 million to $51.2 million.

That’s growth by a factor of more than 11x.

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How we did it.


Growing AUM is the priority for any start-up. But that’s easier said than done.

With a broad spectrum of potential investors out there who have little in common, research and insights become critical.

There’s one problem. They take time.

And that’s the one thing no new company has enough of.

That’s why we focus on delivering time-efficient solutions – so our clients can get on with building firms that reach their full potential.

We have a team looking for fund of funds, specifically managers that are already advanced in the cryptocurrency space.

Our data surfaces the right investors.


Looking for investors is one thing. How do you find them?

Our database offered KPTL enhanced filtering so they could get the info on the prospects they wanted, and get it fast.

Our unique solution for gathering intel on asset raising meant they could find crypto-related announcements and cross-reference them with funds, talent and activity they deemed relevant.

They could then drill into this data to find insights on performance, strategy, investor profiles – even how they deployed algos.

And it didn’t stop there.

Within these investor profiles, the KPTL team could find detail on crypto history, investors interests – and of course contact details, when it was time to take things to the next stage.


We do the reporting – so you don’t have to


As well as insights on investor interest, we also helped KPTL with reports condensing everything they needed to know about what was going on in a given month.

  • The Fundraising Opportunities Report consolidated the latest news in investor activity, trends, asset raising and more.

It allowed KPTL to see which prospects were most sympatico with what they were looking for, gain an overview of which investors are actively seeking opportunities, and to broaden their horizon to corresponding strategies they may not have initially known about, and investors with overlapping profiles.

As well, of course, as profile details on these investors.

  • The HFM Investor Intentions Report helped KPTL to build a picture of investors’ allocation plans, and what investments were getting upticks in interest.

They could see how other managers were prospecting, what opportunities were getting traction, and what due diligence processes they were using.

We were the best performing crypto ARB fund for Q2 according to crypto fund research

Streamlining scrutiny and simplifying due diligence.


Our platform gives managers the opportunity to benchmark their performances and compare with their competition, while also making their information discoverable for potential investors.

We then produce our Funds to Watch report that highlights the most exciting stories to the wider community, delivering a valuable and credible boost to marketing.

We also have an Emerging Funds Performance report, where managers of young funds can shout about how they shape up next to the strategies of other funds, large and small.

You have to give a little to get a little. There’s no such thing as useless information.

This kind of reporting helped KPTL to get data out there that their prospects would want to see, and to make due diligence easier as these prospects glide toward a decision.

We haven’t heard of a better product in the space. It’s the best platform around.

Summing up.


Our investor intelligence platform is driven by data that’s fresher, faster and smarter.   

It helped KPTL spot new opportunities. Get inside the minds of their clients. And enhance their industry knowledge.

Our platform acted as a bridge between them and the right investors.

We helped them gain the insights they needed.

And we supported them in making due diligence smooth sailing – rather a chore.

And the numbers speak for themselves, as they went from $7.16 million in AUM to $41.6 million in just five months

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